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NORA Network Showreel: Partner Showcase with Payments Consulting Network

1 September 2022|

In this NORA Network Showreel Partner Showcase interview conducted by James Wakefield, Managing Director and Co-Founder of InStitchu, Mangala Martinus, Managing Director of Payments Consulting Network (PCN) and Merchant Pricing Hub (MPH, and since renamed Merchant Advisory) shares how his business operates. He describes the company's team of payments consultants as the reverse pyramid of consulting as 80% of the team has between 10-40 years of industry experience. PCN has been providing strategic advisory and market research services to [...]

Inspiring Business Podcast Episode #52: It’s not Contrarian when it serves your Values and Direction

23 August 2022|

Steve Sandor in his Inspiring Business Podcast recently featured Mangala Martinus, Managing Director of Payments Consulting Network (PCN), in Episode #52 entitled: It's not Contrarian when it serves your Values and Direction. The podcast covers a fascinating discussion highlighting PCN's approach and it's pathway to success.   "For me, it’s about collaboration.  That’s the reason behind PCN’s tagline - Connect, Collaborate, Create. Hence, partnerships are important." Here are more points you may look forward to listening to as Mangala discusses [...]

An evolving philanthropic practice

1 July 2022|

Philanthropy, or “giving” as we typically refer to it in our messaging, isn’t a topic that many of us feel comfortable speaking about publicly as individuals, and companies are just as cautious to ensure what they do is genuine and not just perceived as a branding exercise. While I have always spoken about my approach and philosophy around giving to close family, friends, our Payments Consulting Network team, and charity partners, it’s something I rarely spoke about outside of [...]

RBA Submission – Review of Retail Payments Regulation Consultation Paper

16 July 2021|

Payments Consulting Network (which powers Merchant Pricing Hub) has made a submission to the Reserve Bank of Australia in relation to its Review of Retail Payments Regulation Consultation Paper. Over the last 12 months we have supported over one hundred small, medium, and large businesses, industry associations, and not-for-profit organisations, to lower the cost of payments and improve service levels. Least-cost routing has been an important enabler in helping us achieve significant cost savings for clients. The submission outlines our position [...]

Peak industry associations join forces to promote least-cost routing

30 August 2019|

Five of Australia’s leading retail industry associations have called on banks to be more proactive in educating their business customers on least-cost routing and making it easier to access the huge savings to be achieved by it.  COSBOA, the Australian Retailers Association, National Retail Association, Master Grocers Australia and the Australian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association, say it’s time for Australian banks to be called out on their lack of transparency and efforts to inform businesses that they have [...]

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