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Functional Expertise

Through customised and systemised market research, we gather extensive data that enables benchmarking against competitors and the industry across a range of key performance metrics (costs, revenues, and transaction volumes).

Our experienced bid managers lead internal stakeholders/departments and external partners, and manage the process to a clearly articulated project timeline so that a high quality tender response or business proposal is delivered on schedule

Our team brings together both solid financial modelling skills and industry experience to build business cases based on sound assumptions, detailed scenario analysis and a well thought out strategy

Detailed data analytics and modelling is utilised to optimise channel use and ensure an integrated channel strategy is implemented

Our team has significant experience in negotiating and structuring contracts with vendors and business partners to build strong long term relationships that achieve win-win outcomes while maximising cost efficiencies and service levels.

We have a reputation for executing well organised client seminars, industry round tables, training courses and marketing events that consistently meet or exceed client expectations.

Our experienced senior analysts have extensive experience in developing advanced Microsoft Excel based financial models which allow for ‘what if’ sensitivity and scenario analysis

We proactively work with the industry to develop executive roundtables with the objective of encouraging collaboration to improve industry performance and innovation

With experience at CIO, CTO and VP level in payments businesses, we develop and execute both tactical and long-term IT strategies that deliver aligned business outcomes

Through customised market research or via participation in our various market studies, we are able to size the market, assess potential competitors and partners, conduct a SWOT analysis, provide a well defined roadmap, and make clear strategic recommendations on the highest priority market opportunities to pursue.

We support the organisation’s objectives and growth targets by constructing a comprehensive plan on where you want to be and how you will get there. A strategy is essential in determining an organisation’s market entry, growth plan, competitive position and generally ‘how to play’. Execution of the strategy is equally critical in assuring a successful outcome.

The use of media relations can benefit an organisation by means of informing the public of their mission, offerings, policies and positioning
Encourage 2-way communication to obtain favourable, timely and widespread coverage of your message
Develop maximum positive coverage to build brand exposure, provide facts, educate, supply quotes and position your organisation as an expert in its field.

Organisational design is an enabler to grow new revenue streams, respond to cost pressures or seek improved process delivery. Our team has been involved in a number of business transformation projects, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic alliances, so can provide support with designing the optimal organisational structure to meet the business objectives.

We have a highly experienced program and project management team with in-depth experience in leading payments projects.

Our risk management team has expert knowledge of payment systems architecture and operating frameworks; including mechanisms used to maintain integrity and ensure that risk liability is fairly borne. Our teams have developed fraud risk strategies and led significant projects and initiatives such as EMV (issuing and acquiring), 3D Secure, PCI DSS, AML and real time fraud detection systems implementations.

Executing successful RFP and procurement processes to achieve strategic outcomes involves a combination of commercial experience, an understanding of the competitive landscape, a clear view of the long term strategic objectives, a thorough understanding of the technical and operational requirements, solid project management capability, financial structuring and analysis experience, effective contract negotiation skills, and an aptitude for building strong long term relationships. The depth of our team’s expertise in these areas ensures a successful outcome is achieved.

We are experienced in running strategic planning processes (including workshop facilitation and program management) that lead to tangible results and transformational change.

We conduct customised, modular, half day and full day training courses on the payments landscape, messaging formats, EMV, device accreditation and fraud and security

we can help with

Industry Expertise

We manage the leading Australian ATM industry forum and have extensive cross-functional experience across all aspects of the ATM value chain.

Our experience across multiple emerging payments channels and technologies allows us to provide a unique perspective to developing and evolving payment card strategies and products.

Experienced in direct entry pricing, business cases, representation on APCA BECS committees, product and business strategy.

Our extensive experience and connections with Payment Service Providers in the e-commerce segment allows us to provide indepth industry insights, identify market opportunities and support strategy execution.

Our EMV specialist consultants have a thorough understanding of EMV compliance requirements and are able to cover all aspects (technical, business and operations) of EMV implementations.

Few organisations have sufficient in-house expertise or specialist tools to manage fraud. Our fraud risk specialists have developed comprehensive strategies for the long-term management of fraud risk for financial institutions, as well as managing high-profile industry initiatives such as EMV, 3D Secure and PCI DSS compliance programs. We bring comprehensive knowledge of the payments environment and the fraud threats inherent to it, along with practical implementation experience associated with key technologies such as EMV and risk-based fraud detection tools.

Our experienced team can conduct an independent review of your technology infrastructure, and then provide support in evaluating and implementing the new technology options.

Market research, benchmarking, strategy development and execution, risk management and compliance. Understand the impact of the changing payments landscape on acquiring.

The payments landscape is changing quickly and we help our clients benchmark their current performance, identify areas for improvement and growth, and support the strategy execution.

We manage the Mobile Payments Market Study and develop and execute mobile payments strategies and opportunities
An extensive portfolio of market research.

Our extensive experience and connections with financial institutions, mobile network operators, card schemes and technology providers in the mobile payments segment allows us to provide indepth industry insights, identify market opportunities and support strategy execution.

Payments application architecture evaluation, design, review, RFP and project delivery support
Indepth cross-platform experience.

Experience across multiple switching, Internet payments gateway, mobile payments, fraud detection, and device monitoring platforms, allows us to independently evaluate new payments technology infrastructure and support organisations with the implementation.

Benchmarking, business cases, change management, financial modelling, industry representation, industry roundtables, market research, program and project management, risk management and compliance, strategic planning, training
Modernisation of payments infrastructures and updating of payment systems
We help emerging payment systems construct a scheme to meet all regulatory requirements without losing sight of payments innovation and the needs of the local payment culture.
Executive guidance and best practices around how to meet PCI DSS compliance in a quick, cost effective manner
PCI DSS and security services expertise for industry bodies, issuing and acquiring payment institutions as well as large merchants and service providers
Project planning and execution, competency assessment, staff training, policy and procedure writing, education of key stakeholder are all paramount in meeting PCI DSS compliance.
Understand the technicalities and nuances of global and local transaction messaging protocols
In-depth implementation and industry experience
Our experts can guide you through implementations of payments switches and hosts compliant with all the leading industry messaging standards including ISO8583, AS2805, BECS and SWIFT as well as emerging protocols.
Business cases, strategy development, RFP support and project delivery
RBA’s strategic objectives driving change
The payments industry is evolving quickly and our experienced team is able support all aspects of the product development lifecycle in bringing new real-time A2A payment solutions to market
Market research, independent review of switching software and outsourcing options, RFP and project delivery support
Indepth cross-functional experience
Our experienced team can guide you through the switch migration process from identifying potential vendors, developing the RFP strategy and document, evaluating switch vendors and supporting project implementation
Business cases, RFP support, project delivery, and supply chain improvements
Supporting an efficient and effective function
The complexity of cash management in financial markets has placed more emphasis on the treasury function. Our experienced team is able to support clients with driving efficiencies in the value chain