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Q&A with Frankie Layton at The Dirt Company

The Dirt company was born on the belief that they could make sustainable household products, that work and something that people would fall in love with whilst being kind to the environment. It provides sustainable household products including laundry detergents, wool and delicate wash and stain remover, all of which can be returned to be refilled. Payments Consulting Network Commercial Director, Liz Beggs, caught up with Frankie Layton, founder of the Dirt Company, to discuss her business. Read the [...]

Q&A with Karen Auer at Suncorp

Over the last year, Payments Consulting Network has supported over one hundred businesses implement least-cost-routing and achieve savings on merchant services fees. Clients often approach us as their bank has only been willing to pass on fee savings of 0-10% when enabling LCR. One bank that is an exception to this rule has been Suncorp, which has consistently achieved substantial fee savings for our clients by enabling LCR combined with lower rates (particularly on eftpos transaction fees). Payments Consulting [...]

Q&A with Con Tsiknis at Armaguard

Most people see Armaguard and think of armoured trucks, guns and cash, but it’s so much more, now also including atmx by Armaguard, an ATM utility business. Payments Consulting Network’s Data Analytics Director, Reed Li, recently had the opportunity to interview Con Tsiknis, Head of ATM Networks for Armaguard, to discuss the atmx by Armaguard business in Australia. You can read the highlights of the conversation below. RL: Please provide an overview of the business and the services it [...]


The digital transformation of business processes has accelerated with the introduction of cloud based services. There is a growing emphasis on using technology to improve the efficiency in business practices, especially through business-to-business connectivity. SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises) often do not have the financial reserves or have easy access to credit to pay their staff and suppliers, as well as to finance their debtors. SMEs are known to drive the economy and employ a significant percentage of the work force. [...]

Payments poised for further integration

The payments landscape is set to become more integrated in response to consumer and businesses' growing demand for digital services within apps and platforms they want to be in, according to BPAY Group Head of Product Brittany Kury. "The trend we’re seeing is that there are going to be more payment options in more channels over the next few years that don't require separate platforms. Payments won't seem like such a separate thing that you need to compartmentalise, it [...]

How retailers can save money on debit card payments

There are new ways for retailers to save money on card fees, and help is available to understand how banks charge small businesses for accepting payments. Running a retail business isn’t easy at the best of times, and we all know that it takes hard work, imagination and a bit of luck to build something sustainable. While there’s no need to go over the recent challenges of the pandemic for the retail sector, it is time to take stock [...]

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