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10 Year Anniversary

Payments Consulting Network is celebrating our 10th anniversary this year! Founded in January 2013 in Australia to enable independent payments industry consultants to collaborate and support clients on larger projects, our network now covers Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and Africa and includes several specialist international payments consulting firms.

eTail Defining the Role of Modern Retail CMOs

As retailers pivot to place the customer at the heart of their universe, the onus is on the chief marketing officer (CMO) to craft and grow hyper-personalised connections, amplify customer advocates, and turn loyalists into evangelists. Showcasing insights from 100 leading retailers, Payments Consulting Network and Merchant Advisory have partnered with Worldwide Business Research to release the eTail Australia Defining the Role of Modern Retail CMOs report to better understand the evolution of the role. Worldwide Business Research, Managing [...]

Merchant Advisory – Same Team, New Name

When we started supporting merchants with reviewing payments acceptance arrangements we assumed that fee savings were the primary driver for engaging a consulting firm. It turns out we were wrong. We always consider a range of non-price factors when evaluating different payment service providers including customer service, reliability/resilience, least-cost routing enablement, global reach, omni-channel capability, support for local/alternative payment methods, a seamless customer checkout experience, reporting flexibility, settlement timeframes, authorisation rates, fraud management, ISO/PayFac/marketplace support, and the innovation road-map. [...]

NORA Network Showreel: Partner Showcase with Payments Consulting Network

In this NORA Network Showreel Partner Showcase interview conducted by James Wakefield, Managing Director and Co-Founder of InStitchu, Mangala Martinus, Managing Director of Payments Consulting Network (PCN) and Merchant Pricing Hub (MPH, and since renamed Merchant Advisory) shares how his business operates. He describes the company's team of payments consultants as the reverse pyramid of consulting as 80% of the team has between 10-40 years of industry experience. PCN has been providing strategic advisory and market research services to [...]

Inspiring Business Podcast Episode #52: It’s not Contrarian when it serves your Values and Direction

Steve Sandor in his Inspiring Business Podcast recently featured Mangala Martinus, Managing Director of Payments Consulting Network (PCN), in Episode #52 entitled: It's not Contrarian when it serves your Values and Direction. The podcast covers a fascinating discussion highlighting PCN's approach and it's pathway to success.   "For me, it’s about collaboration.  That’s the reason behind PCN’s tagline - Connect, Collaborate, Create. Hence, partnerships are important." Here are more points you may look forward to listening to as Mangala discusses [...]

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