NORA Network Showreel: Partner Showcase with Payments Consulting Network

In this NORA Network Showreel Partner Showcase interview conducted by James Wakefield, Managing Director and Co-Founder of InStitchu, Mangala Martinus, Managing Director of Payments Consulting Network (PCN) and Merchant Pricing Hub (MPH, and since renamed Merchant Advisory) shares how his business operates. He describes the company’s team of payments consultants as the reverse pyramid of consulting as 80% of the team has between 10-40 years of industry experience.

PCN has been providing strategic advisory and market research services to the banking and payments sectors since 2013 with its consulting network outstretching across multiple international markets.

The firm also established MPH in 2018 to support organisations in the Australian retail, hospitality and not-for-profit sectors to lower the cost of payments acceptance and optimise the customer payments experience.

Mangala mentioned that MPH supports retailers and businesses in a unique manner. It offers different services for small and large businesses such as payments optimisation reviews, pricing comparisons, requests for proposals and card scheme negotiations, all geared towards helping clients find the right service provider for their requirements and pay the lowest fees possible. Typical fee savings achieved are in the range of 20-40%.

“Each payment service provider has different strengths and features, each merchant has different requirements, where we play a role is helping match a merchant or retailer with the right organisation for them, and negotiate the best deal.” – Mangala Martinus

Getting to know different payment service providers (PSPs) in-depth is essential. The company does this by thorough research and interviewing PSP CEOs and General Managers to understand their strengths and differentiators, reviewing their enterprise client solution presentations and websites, and reading their blog articles. From that, they develop profiles on each PSP which they publish on their website.

As a huge believer in giving back, Mangala has also set up the company’s Giving Program. Aside from the charity donations made via the giving fund held with Australian Philanthropic Services which is funded from a share of profits, referral payments arising from its Pricing Comparison Service are also paid directly as donations to The Funding Network Australia and The Life You Can Save. Watch the full interview below.


NORA is known for its impactful ability to initiate collaboration and connection among industries while contributing to the relevance and cohesion of the community’s development. Founded by Paul Greenberg, its objective is to connect members through various formats, including NORA TV, Leader Lunches, The Retail Virtual Portal, Solutions Marketplace, and its core events – all offering exchange points for the industry to connect and share support.

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