RBA Submission – Review of Retail Payments Regulation Consultation Paper

Payments Consulting Network (which powers Merchant Pricing Hub) has made a submission to the Reserve Bank of Australia in relation to its Review of Retail Payments Regulation Consultation Paper.

Over the last 12 months we have supported over one hundred small, medium, and large businesses, industry associations, and not-for-profit organisations, to lower the cost of payments and improve service levels. Least-cost routing has been an important enabler in helping us achieve significant cost savings for clients.

The submission outlines our position and observations on least-cost routing, dual-network debit cards, interchange fees, scheme fees, ‘tying conduct’ by schemes involving their debit and credit products, and surcharging.

Mangala Martinus, Managing Director of Payments Consulting Network, states in the submission:

“PCN believes support for dual-network debit cards is required to underpin competition between the card networks on debit interchange fees and is critical to the ongoing rollout of least-cost routing, which gives merchants choice and the ability to process transactions according to the lowest cost network. Thereby helping to reduce the cost of payments acceptance.”

Download a copy of our submission by clicking this link – Payments Consulting Network RBA Submission – Review of Retail Payments Regulation – Consultation Paper.

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