Same Vision, New Logo, New Horizons

After nine years, we have retired our atom logo to replace it with one that better represents the global network that we are today.

Payments Consulting Network (PCN) was founded in 2013 in Australia to enable independent payments industry consultants to collaborate under a single banner to support clients on larger projects. The original logo was intended to represent the central hub (PCN) and spokes (specialist industry consultants) of the network.

Within six months, we had added consultants in several countries through-out Asia-Pacific. Over several years we supported clients from multiple regions, but our project work was always focussed on countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Then in 2018, we added consultants in North America and Europe to support a client with international expansion.

One aspect that has always remained unchanged though is the depth of experience within our team – over 80% of our consultants have between 15 to 40+ years experience in payments – we describe ourselves as “the reverse pyramid of consulting”. In the complex and dynamic world of payments, experience matters.

Today, we have presence in Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and Africa, and about 20% of new projects are inter-regional, either supporting clients across regions or leveraging consulting expertise across multiple countries. Our network continues to expand, and now includes both independent payments consultants and specialist international payments consulting firms, all working collaboratively together to solve client problems.

Our new logo, with its interconnected dots across the globe represents the way our international team works seamlessly across borders on client projects embodying our tag line – Connect, Collaborate, Create.

Same vision, new logo, new horizons!

Author: Mangala Martinus, Managing Director, Payments Consulting Network and Merchant Advisory


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