Q&A with Con Tsiknis at Armaguard

Most people see Armaguard and think of armoured trucks, guns and cash, but it’s so much more, now also including atmx by Armaguard, an ATM utility business.

Payments Consulting Network’s Data Analytics Director, Reed Li, recently had the opportunity to interview Con Tsiknis, Head of ATM Networks for Armaguard, to discuss the atmx by Armaguard business in Australia.

You can read the highlights of the conversation below.

RL: Please provide an overview of the business and the services it provides.

CT: Armaguard was established in 1938 to provide safe, secure cash transportation. Over the past 84 years, Linfox Armaguard Group has evolved to become a complete end-to-end currency management and technology solutions provider. With decades of experience in managing and maintaining ATMs on behalf of their customers, the development of a national ATM utility network was a natural extension for the Armaguard business.

Established in 2020, atmx by Armaguard provides fee free transactions for over 10 million cardholders of 15+ financial institutions, with a network that continues to grow by the day

atmx by Armaguard includes more ‘high street’ ATMs in locations right across Australia.

RL: What are your key products and services?

CT: Armaguard Group provides end-to-end currency management, security and technology solutions to a wide range of customers.

The Armaguard offer includes the provision of ATMs through atmx by Armaguard, as well as technical maintenance and services for the financial industry and beyond.

RL: Who are your key clients and end users?

CT: Currently all banks and financial institutions, major retailers, convenience stores, high street traders and shopping centres.

RL: What do you see as your key strengths with respect to ATM Networks?

CT: Currently, the sheer size and premium location options within atmx by Armaguard make it the ATM utility provider of choice for many banks and financial institutions. Access to the atmx network is via a simple, cost effective agreement.

RL: What do you see as your key differentiators with respect to ATM Networks?

CT: Our end-to-end internal capabilities right across the value chain place Armaguard in a unique position to offer retail cash access in a cost effective sustainable way along with a commitment to innovate and bring new capabilities into the market.

Armaguard is committed to the provision of cash in our communities – we know it is a vital part of our infrastructure and we are committed to ensuring everyone in Australia has convenient access to it, wherever they may be.

RL: What were your key achievements over the last 12 months in merchant services?


  • Established and embedded a new business line within the Group and successfully transitioned over 2,000 devices under our new atmx brand
  • Expansion of atmx by Armaguard, and delivering a value proposition that has already been supported by 15+ banks and Financial Institutions
  • Onboarding our partner Financial institutions which include ANZ, Suncorp, Bank of Queensland, Horizon just to name a few
  • Implementation of High Touch™ – a unique antiviral, antibacterial shield on atmx devices to help protect users against the spread of viruses

RL: What innovations do you have on your product/service roadmap for the next 12 months?

CT: Cash continues to be important to consumers and we are committed to ensuring cash remains accessible to the market. Our roadmap has been developed to introduce new features to support our strategic partners and how we manage the cash cycle across the economy both in the retail and business banking markets.

RL: What industry changes or trends to do you see occurring over the next 2-3 years that will have a major impact on your business and how are you addressing them?

CT: The accelerated decline in cash usage continues to force banks and financial institutions to rationalise their ATM fleets and branch locations as traditional networks are no longer viable.

atmx will continue to fill that gap and expand functionality. We expect our services will become increasingly more important over this horizon leveraging the atmx shared infrastructure model.


Armaguard is a member of Payments Consulting Network’s Australian ATM Round Table.

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