Podcast Episode 3: The Coming Changes in Cross-Border Payments

Cross Border Payments are looking at a big set of changes in the coming months/years. Legacy architecture, protocols, currencies are going to be altered. Fintech, the emergence of CBDCs and digital currencies and the trending de-dollarization discussions – they all are playing a role that the entire eco-system in the payments world is paying a lot of close attention to. The impact is sector agnostic; and it will push for more involvement from agile fintech companies like KVB, which offer essential solutions to meet CX and UX requirements. Additionally, the ecosystem is adapting to establish optimal business-to-business partnerships for providing these solutions to consumers. Joining us in this week’s episode are Byron Hsu and Mark Li from KVB. Listen to the full podcast below.

Rajat Mehta, Managing Partner, Hong Kong,
Payments Consulting Network

Byron Hsu, General Manager, Hong Kong & China, KVB Global Capital
Mark Li, Chief Product Officer, Global Head of Product & Partnership, KVB Global Capital

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