Podcast Episode 19: Cross-Border Solutions to Reduce Errors and Mitigate Risk of Fraud

Cross-border payments are entering another exciting era of change. 
This week, Rajat Mehta, Managing Partner at Payments Consulting Network, is joined by Alain Raes, COO and Co-Founder of iPiD, along with Quinn Pham, Regional Director for APAC region, to delve into their experiences in the cross-border payments sphere. Together, they navigate the challenges of adopting new-age solutions and automation processes while emphasising the importance of fraud prevention, error minimisation, and delivering optimal client experiences, particularly in a multi-jurisdictional landscape with stringent regulatory requirements. 
The discussion extends to the different benefits of leveraging new automation tools, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and tokenisation solutions, both for organisations and individuals. They also explore the associated costs for banks, organisations, and end clients, highlighting how these innovations contribute to streamlined processes and reduced time spent on remediation efforts. 
Listen to the full episode below.

Rajat Mehta, Managing Partner, Payments Consulting Network


Alain Raes, COO and Co-Founder, iPiD
Quinn Pham, Regional Director (APAC), iPiD

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