Podcast Episode 25: Omnichannel – Challenges and Opportunities

In this episode of the Payments Beats Podcast, Payments Consulting Network and Merchant Advisory Chief Operating Officer, Liz Beggs and and co-host Marketing Partnerships ManagerBernadette Walsh, welcome Peter Ratcliffe, Head of Technology at RM Williams, and Peter Clarke, Chief Technology Officer at Lorna Jane.

Our guests this week are speakers at the National Retail Federation APAC conference in Singapore, where they discuss mastering the art of omnichannel transformation and understanding its business impact.

The episode delves into the importance and challenges of companies having a high-performance technology team driven to enhance both customer and employee experiences.

Both guests also discussed the importance of reliable technology solutions and strong partnerships, emphasising how the new point of sale system from NewStore has dramatically improved operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Listen to the full episode below.

Liz Beggs, Chief Operating Officer, Payments Consulting Network and Merchant Advisory
Bernadette Walsh, Marketing Partnerships Manager, Payments Consulting Network and Merchant Advisory 

Peter Ratcliffe, Head of Technology, RM Williams
Peter Clarke, Chief Technology Officer, Lorna Jane 

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