3rd World Blockchain Congress

Event Date: 14-15 June 2023

3rd Blockchain Congress will take place on 14-15 June 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is the region’s ONLY authentic event on Blockchain. The event aims to foster an environment of innovation and collaboration, encouraging the participants to explore how Blockchain is the means in supporting Indonesia’s future economy, latest developments and advancements in Blockchain technology. It will serve as a platform for industry experts, entrepreneurs, tech Solution Providers, Global Technology Players Crypto/Bitcoin Investors, Buyers, Decision Makers, Cxx class Executives, Business Leaders, Innovators, Start-up community, Government Policy Makers and Regulators, Tech Consultants, Blockchain gurus, Crypto experts, & Academics from Indonesia to discuss the potential of blockchain and its applications across various industries.

The Blockchain Congress will provide an excellent opportunity for the delegates & participants to know the latest trends, developments, and innovations in the Indonesian Blockchain industry. The conference will cover a range of topics, including cryptocurrency, fintech, healthcare, energy, and government. Exhibition with Key Sponsors & Exhibitors showcasing their product offerings, the Start-up zone, a unique plinth that will provide a platform for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to take their innovative ideas to the next level to showcase their products and services. The Product showcase, an elite tech-showcase where the exhibitors will display or demonstrate their PoC, new and innovative products & solutions.

From keynote sessions to panel discussions, get relevant insights from thought leaders across the blockchain & crypto sector who will engage and interact with one another to analyze future as well as current trends. Brainstorm and exchange ideas with the industry experts in business & technology. Participate in thought leadership conferences and seminars as World blockchain Congress tackles some of the most critical challenges and questions facing by the industry.

  • Thought Leading Conferences, Panel Discussions & Product Presentation Power-packed keynote sessions & 15 sectorfocused conferences.
  • Learn from 30 of the biggest tech minds on stage. Panels & presentations on emerging trends, concepts and new products
  • An opportunity to present your ideas, innovation and latest offerings to the entire audience.

This summit witness new age technological inventions, solutions & products which enable the blockchain industry in the region and leading solution providers presented by across the world. Plan your journey of discovering latest technologies.

  • The showcase at the summit helps brands make stronger impact to the right audience of potential buyers.
  • An opportunity to launch your new product & display your latest technologies & innovations.

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