12th Banking Innovation Asia Summit 2023

Event Date: 9-12 May 2023

The 12th Banking Innovation Asia Summit will take place 9 – 12 May 2023 in SINGAPORE.Through case studies and global expert insights, all of the above and MORE will be presented and discussed at the 12th Annual Banking Innovation Asia Summit 2023. This is the must-attend summit if you are serious about driving superior innovation that generates ROI in your bank!11 Key Benefits of Attending:

  • Create effective roadmaps to developing a banking innovation strategy that is also customer-centric & sustainable
  • Develop personalized & innovative experiences that put your customers’ interests at the core of your products and services
  • Ensuring you develop an effective product innovation process that create banking products, services & experiences that WOW your customers
  • Digital Transformation – Leverage Innovation & Cutting- Edge Digital Technologies to Optimize Your Operational Process, Customer Experience and Stay Profitable
  • Customer Journey Mapping & Product/Service Distribution – Discover New & Innovative Ways to Reach out to Your Existing & New Customers whilst ensuring high Customer Loyalty & that they stay Engaged with Your Bank including Best-in-Class Digital Service Delivery
  • Find out how you act on the massive amount of customer data you have to develop innovative & profitable value propositions
  • HOT TRENDS – Learn from success stories how you can adopt innovation in the form of digital wallets, open banking, partnerships, ESG & other new banking concepts in order to stay relevant
  • Beat Your Competition! Develop unique and effective strategies, processes & banking business models that will generate ROI on your banking innovation programs
  • Future Branches – How to Leverage the Use of Technology & Innovation to Future Proof & Transform Your Physical and Digital Branch Banking Entities to Cater to Ever Evolving Customer Needs
  • Transforming Your IT & Technology Efficiencies to Accelerate Innovation – Hear Case Studies from Banks Globally on how you can Embrace End-to-End transformation, optimize technology infrastructure and improve IT to promote agility & innovation
  • The Platform YOU need to be at – this is where you the opportunity to really ASK QUESTIONS, and EXCHANGE INSIGHTS in PERSON Face-to-face with global banking innovation experts. YOUR FASTEST WAY TO GAIN ACCESS TO INFORMATION!

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