Giving Back

The directors and shareholders of the Payments Consulting Network believe strongly in giving back to the community and helping people in need.

As a result, the directors and shareholders of the Payments Consulting Network have committed to donating a share of company profits and personal earnings to the Better Future Foundation.


targeting $300,000 in donations

8 years

over the first eight years

giving back
The above photo shows the children supported by the Cararoo Foundation, two of whom are sponsored by the Better Future Foundation.

About the Better Future Foundation

Better Future LogoThe Better Future Foundation (ABN: 11 935 823 531) is a private ancillary fund. The foundation's vision is to promote conditions of sustainable human development in which people are able to fulfil their needs free from poverty and live in dignity.

Areas of focus include communities in disadvantaged areas (particularly in Asia and Africa), children, and victims of natural disasters, war and famine. The majority of donations made by the foundation are directed towards charities with programs aimed at helping children, families and communities develop the skills, experience and capital required to earn a sustainable and meaningful living.

Charities supported by the Better Future Foundation during 2016/17 include